Law Offices of Stephanie R. Bush-Baskette, LLC - Specializing in Law, Mediation and Collaborative Law
The Law Offices of Stephanie R. Bush-Baskette, LLC  offer mediation, collaborative law, and traditional law services in the areas of:
  • Family law
  • Elder law
  • Real Estate
  • Civil
  • Business
We believe that in most situations, couples and parties can arrive at an agreed upon solution to their disputes. To assist them in doing so, we provide mediation (acting as a third party neutral) or work as a part of collaborative law team (representing the client in a team approach).  When neither of these approaches is appropriate, the firm is able to represent the client in the traditional manner.
We are located at:
 26 Park Street, Suite 2029
 Montclair, NJ 07042.
To contact us, please call:
or email: 
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